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Beauty is more than just in the eyes. It is in the soul. The soul of fate, destiny, and two wills colliding to form one aureola of true love. Love is not just being kind or generous. Love is passion, strength through connecting wills. Freedom of self expression without fear of the other not being able to express their difference between them. Yin and yang, good traits and bad traits. It's not about perfection but magnetic fields. Pushing apart at times, and pulling together at others. Acceptance to repel yet attach. Truth resonates with agreeable disagreement. Fights happen but love never dissipates. Don't know what the other is doing, trust in them with blind eyes, but faithful hearts. Bring forth wisdom from respect through screams, tears, anger, and forgiveness through mutual integrity. No force is stronger than passion for freedom of expression. Integrity is key to love. Knowing that one can trust without doubting the other. Faithful to you, respect for who you are, what you have different opinions, or beliefs, but passion for whatever reason from your aura. Aura that draws two opposites together and repel knowing that you don't doubt them when they are not around you. No matter what happens, two hearts entwined, two souls combined. Love is passion. Passion is what you do. If you want true love, than find the one who shares a passion you have. You don't have to mirror, but have one passion for anything. Be different but find and embrace the similarities. Disagreement is fine, agree to disagree, love by compromise, avoid disputations.