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(Part 2) The Hierarchical Structures Of Human Pack/Herd Mentality

#2: The Subordinate's Various Personas


The subordinate Personas are pretty much the same no matter what happens or where they are placed in the social hierarchical structures. They are all just followers that do not have free thoughts. They are drones that obey and nothing else. There is no real personality traits of the subordinates. It is like buying a robot that has no clue about what is going on beyond their own idols and leadership. Those who have power, are their controllers. No sense of self or abstract thoughts. They don't know what to do if they are placed in a position of authority, or are left to their own survival. They can't survive and they can't properly lead. It is just a matter of who is controlling the herd. It is pretty much the same no matter what you do. They typically can't handle responsibilities of their financial obligations or taking care of their own family. They have to be given and coddled by other people who are more productive and innovative. They take advantage of anyone who might be of convenience towards their own survival. Don't have them try to learn more about how something works out in long term situations. They are not capable of organization and planning long term problems. Their memories are very short term and they only have a six to eight second attention span. Which is why they can't handle anything else beyond the six to eight seconds of reasoning behind situations. This is why people make outlandish false accusations or mischaracterization of others, and will never stop believing the fallacious rhetoric. Even if it was constantly debunked by either the sources of the information or an accredible individual. They just can't think of anything abstractly. They live in a world of self denial, self misery, irresponsible habits. Without the leaders they would not survive. That is why only during times of abundance, they breed the most often. Which is the opposite of what the Alpha’s do. Surprisingly enough it seems like during times of strife the Alpha mates more than the lower ranking hierarchical mentalities, but not when there are an abundance of resources. The followers are prone to self-destructive behavior and nescience.

#3: The Beta's Various Personas

  Contrary to what current society now categorizes Betas as, they are above the normal subordinate level and actually more assertive. The Betas are below the Alphas, their role in natural selection is of the body guards. The loyal servants of the rulers, who know that they are subordinate to the leaders, and will be loyal to any ruler that takes over. Their loyalty is with the Alpha's status than truly with the tangible individual. If the Beta begins to question the leader, especially if a new challenger intrigues the Beta, they will betray the Alpha for a new loyalty. Their loyalty doesn't necessarily stick, but may change if the Beta finds it convenient to do so. The thing about the Follower classes in the herd/pack mentality, is that of pure convenience. The followers, whether the true followers, or the Betas (which are both followers), always unconsciously behave in a survival mode of convenience. They don't necessarily look for any opportunities that may inconvenience them, even if in the future it will give them an advantage or prosperity. Their unconscious mind will wait until a convenient situation arrives, at the cost of rising above their current situation. They pretty much stay as followers, following whomever is the leader. Humans are different from the lower animals, in that abstract forms of leadership can take non tangible, and/or non Human replacement for the Alpha's role. This means that a Beta can take on a leadership role, while maintaining being a follower of something beyond themselves and their subordinate followers. Only, Humans are capable of replacing the leader of the group with something more abstract than based in reality. The Betas are manipulators and loyal enforcers. This means that they are aware of being a follower, as well as those followers that follow without inner monologues questioning what is being preached to them.