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Collective Oppression

Collectivism is the route of all of the evil actions in the world. The mindset of “If the collective say it's good! Then it must be good!” Pretty much just the most inefficient way to solve tangible problems. Society is not prosperous if it is all about what one tribal group says to be like! Cooperation is extremely important and good. But cooperation needs to be through Interdependency amongst individuals and not through codependency through collective agendas. What is good for the collective isn't necessarily good for the individual! So it is oppressive to force social norms on those who will be oppressed from the mob mentality. It is easier to get what you want through mutual understanding and not through coercion or ultimatums! If you have to walk over other people who don't share your point of view? Then you are not a good person, because you have a heart that is selfish and oppressive. Just because the group that is considered different than your group! Doesn't mean that you are doing the benevolent thing! Just because famous people, journalists, or politicians claim that something is going on, or going to happen! Does not mean that it is reality! If someone feeds you information? Then ask yourself, “Who are these people? Why is it true? What hard evidence points to? Is it possible that the information is not? Is there anything else that is missing? Is there a motive for the accusations? Is it possible that the accused is not what is being said? What about history? Are there any tangible sources?”. This  is what needs to be done every single day of everybody's life. People need to not follow the instructions of an elite whom has more motivation for deceiving others for their own ideological agendas. Ideology is evil. All collective mentalities are incorrect and oppressive. It is the individual who is responsible for their own actions and words. It doesn't fall upon society to pick and choose what is factual, equality, benevolent, or prudent! It is completely self centered to think that the collective knows better than the individual.