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The Life I Am Looking For


      One thing I have ever been searching for is real love.
I don't want a fling, one night stand, or superficial affection. I am searching for the right woman to settle down with. I don't want a weak woman, nor a pushover. I don't want a woman who is obedient to me, nor controlling of me. I want an interdependent relationship. Compromise comes from mutual understanding. I am an introvert, and extrovert person. I respect alone time and am not a jealous person. I am confident in myself, I would expect the same from the woman who I am with. She must be secure in herself. For from what I understand, the more self assured you are about your abilities and inabilities, the more competent you are as a person. Being reliable in the aspect of your other half knowing who you are, and that you can handle yourself. Mutual trust is far more important to me than appeasement through temporary actions and/or behavior.
      I play the long game, I don't care for temporary satisfaction. I plan and organize my life not around the in the moment, but deep in the future, for time moves in one direction. I understand that the past is the present and the future. What you do determines how you are remembered after you die! I am good with math, I pay my bills on time, I negotiate rent, bills, and other financial services. I am good with managing my resources, staying healthy, fit, and passionate in my life. I dream about the day that I die of old age. The day where I get to look into the eyes of my own family and reminisce about what they achieved for they are the window to whether or not I was a good father and husband. My children should be better than myself, in all aspects. It's not about the first impression, but the way people remember you after you are no longer around. I want a wife, a family and to die a real man. I want not perfection, but self-betterment. 


Below are only my most preferred preferences, not truly tangible to my mundane preferences. I am flexible on aesthetics and am reasonable on traits. I don't believe in perfection, I believe more in the ability to use reasoning over judgment.


My perspective of a Woman who Epitomizes my ideals

My  perspective of Attractiveness 

Jet Black Hair -
The Darker the hair the better. 


Dresses with a sense of style and class. She is so self aware of herself that she doesn't over dress up and put too much makeup or accessories. She will change her style and even dress in rags. She is Ok with being dirty, hurt, bloody, bruised, stinky, and greasy. Yet she is habitually maintaining her health and hygiene

Captivating eyes -
God the eyes. Eyes seriously are the window to a person's soul (Their True feelings). Looking at the eyes and them being unique is stunning

Who is :

Intellectually proficient  while having habitual Interests in nerd culture  

Athletic enthusiasm : ecstatic about doing strenuous and dangerously Reckless physical activities

Sassy and sarcastic while not being cruel or degrading 

Places her stubborn and determination towards goals and ambitions; While not being naive or arrogant. Maintaining the habits of placing others over herself and her needs or wants. 

 She is courageous and competent in her abilities and altruism. Being able to recover from any Arduous situations. She is aware of and reads others body language and subtle emotional cues. 







I am vastly more attracted to someone who has similar hobbies and activities

And is completely an individual and not someone who searches for superficial emotional support.

I am looking for a woman who is gorgeous, intelligent, athletic, knows what she wants, has a solid solicitude Ethos, A good hearted woman who has self awareness/self respect, and has respect for others while aware of other's emotional areolas. 

My Future That I am Fighting To Achieve.....

I desire to have  at least two Children...

Mira  Bell Athena  Tepes.

Talos  Bell Apollo  Tepes


Around 6 or more bedrooms, with   

  multiple bathrooms. 3 to 4 car  

garage with dream vehicles.

Solar panels on roof. Individual

room AC units. Water tank built

in the entire house walls

connected to multiple filtration

and purification circulation

systems. Whatever is a long

term benefit will be considered.


  One for my Wife and the other 

one is for me. The office is our

escape caves from the outside

world and stress. Will have

multiple locks on the door.

  will be soundproof...


They will have separate rooms

that they can Also escape from  

reality and Stress.

Will be  soundproof.


  Will Have All The Things For  

Any Entertainment Purposes;

Will Be Soundproof.