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Common Sense in Political Philosophy

Common Sense in Political Philosophy

By Vincent Fitch

       People don't want nor care about being ruled or governed over. They only care about what appears just, moral, and doesn't intrude upon their freedoms. Majority of society doesn't pay attention towards truths, facts, or logic. People tend to be more of followers, and less of leaders, or lone wolfs. This brings things to a logical fallacy within society. Since majority of people are followers, and will follow anybody without question, they tend to believe any leaders statements as truths whether if the leader was a pathological liar, thief, corrupt, or just sciolistic. The leader can spout polemic of their opponents or misguided altruism they are fighting for or against. Majority of leaders and their followers are out of touch with each other. Both rely heavily on hearsay and sciolism. As the feuds between each subculture within societies, within the countries, begin to get further apart from each opposing political, moral, and economic philosophies. Society tends to fall apart, as they create polemic rhetoric towards their opposition. This ongoing fighting doesn't resolve or come to a point where society negotiates and comes to a plan where everyone agrees. Instead we get protests, riots, war, homegrown terror attacks, disputation, etc.

    Society cannot function with leaders that create greater divide amongst the different moral, justice, economic philosophies held by opposing individuals. Countries have fallen into civil wars by opposing viewpoints being unheard, or treated as misguided. When in fact all opposing sides are misguided. They all are not the right moral, or just philosophical route.  But they all are not wrong either, in their own way. By drowning out, or demonizing the opposition, (in a childish way because of some bias towards others opinions) leads towards individuals feeling unheard, ignored, and resentful. The different philosophies end up creating their own subculture within society and they themselves start drowning out, and despising other viewpoints besides their own. The cycle continues as more and more new moral philosophies create more subcultures within society, and the people become more subjugated by their own doing.

   This all happens because no one is being heard, or feeling acknowledged amongst the factions. The only thing they truly desire is feeling like they are part of the process, and not being tossed aside. These factions become more disgruntled amongst opposition that they end up leading towards protests, riots, violence, terror. The chaotic nature of political philosophy is that of not understanding what philosophy is about.

     Critical thinking should not be controlled by someone else's viewpoints on what they describe as the right philosophy, and a bias where everyone else who is different is wrong. Political philosophy is about societal critical thinking. Where everyone can and should have the right to be heard without being shut down, discriminated, subjugated, or demonized, for thinking or being different amongst opposing views.