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When Anti-fascism Becomes Fascism 

When does a society draw a line about when anti-fascism becomes fascism?

  “Is it when they oppose another's philosophy and so must discriminate, bully, harass, subjugate, and demonize the opposition?”

When does society draw a line about when anti fascism becomes fascism? Is it when they oppose another's philosophy and so must discriminate, bully, harass, subjugate, and demonize the opposition? When does society draw the line towards socialism? Is it when the taxes reach 99.9% of their income? When the government owns every property? When government demands people to do whatever they say at gunpoint? When is it right to tell others what they must follow or believe? Why must society regress to a state of barbaric ways of thinking?

         How can a society cope with several different political and social viewpoints being unheard or shunned? Why are the majority of people unaware of other people's moral, just, economic, and political philosophies? Is there a breaking point where society comes back together or falls completely into chaos and violent anarchy? Can a government function on the opinions of the people and didn't disregard the ever evolving societal, moral, economic, justice, and political philosophies of each individual factions, without intruding upon the other factions? What would a government that stood 99.99% for the citizens look like?

Society is built upon everybody working towards a safer, moral, free, and equal individual rights environment. When the people of a society all develop differing ideologies, factions start to form within. These subcultures can be peaceful or aggressive. Every country throughout history has started with several differing factions. Each village, band, or nomads, had their own ideologies. These groups were hunter/gatherers. These tribes didn't care about what clothes they wore, their hair, material goods, luxury gadgets and what the latest news about some famous narcissistic celebrity was doing. They did have it far worse than a homeless man in a 1st world (Capitalist) society. From starving for months, to being killed or eaten by another carnivorous animal.      

     During this era, it was more likely for one to catch a disease, become another animal's meal, be raped, or murdered by an invading village across the river. The longest one might live during these times was around 30 years old. Only if they were lucky enough to survive that long in the wilderness, or in their own society. Within some of these societies, you would have hierarchies, usually a leader and followers, with some rebellious, free thinking, anarchist, and lone wolf individuals. The first leaders of the colonies, that were their ancestors, were nomads.Some nomads had no leaders and everyone worked to benefit the group with no need for a ruler, or an individual holding some form of authority over the rest of the faction; though, the ones that did have someone that gave directions and guided everyone towards their goal, or desires, were originally the head of the hunters. They were the leaders that lead their fellow hunters towards the game.