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Blank Minds Never Know What Is Ahead


This is not to be taken seriously. This article is a thought exercise and isn't based necessarily on facts. Parts of the information below are opinions, though there are multiple factual information within. The purpose of the exercise is in the opening paragraph after the "Title".

The Blank Minds Never Know What Is Ahead

      In this day and age, it is not difficult to find the right information about anything that one desires. The information is out there, even if it was from far before the internet as we know it. It is definitely the library of all information about anything and everything that was, is, and will be to come. The information is not always going to be the factual version of the topic. The internet doesn't only carry the factual information but it is mainly filled with over exaggerated fallacies.  Shuffling around the mess of misinformation is painful and difficult to find the right information. But data doesn't speak in effusion, but only opinions are spoken with effusiveness. Data is monotone and bland. So the mundane individual doesn't absorb the information that is factual. Only a herd mentality would not require any additional information about a subject matter. Lackadaisical mentality.

The Mundane Individual

           Intelligence and free will isn't necessary for an organism to be able to survive. Seems that the individual who is intelligent over the majority of the other organisms are meant to be the one who manipulates the unintelligent misinformed herd. Even if it means degrading your own moral values in order to succeed in life. The average person isn't able to make decisions on their own. This may be the main reason for the elites new age agenda. They might be trying to get a silent purge to have the subordinate gene be erased and maintain the technology and prosperous lifestyle for those who are in the elite status, regardless of what their ideological views are. I have felt that it is the case. It makes sense for why the wealthy people seem to know that they are manipulating the thoughts of the lower level of intelligence of the humans. This is what the Democrats have been pushing for. A good way to quickly sort through the population is through the blood draws that everyone on the planet have taken. Then over the years, they would have been maintaining the genetic codes for who they want to accept in their system and whom is considered to be a zombie (brainless idiots). The weak-minded people are the real threats to a peaceful and happy global society. History has also provided the proof that those who are leaders have self betterment and goal oriented mindset. They tend to study outside of the propaganda and subordinates indoctrination. They are autodidactic and passionate about their purpose in life. Where the followers are prone to cause a lot of health problems and societal problems. They are useless in a technological advanced society. Am I OK with this matter? No I don't think that it is right. But I really don't want to be placed in the lower level mindset position when the Georgia Guide Stone purge happens. This will not be a good thing for my personal ambitions. If they plan to wipe out the weaker codependent population? Then please do not place me in that category. I am not like the average person. Though I would not disagree with the Malthusian ideological agenda. I understand that Global warming is real. But I really doubt that the Arctic circle would be melting at temperatures of -30 to -60 degrees Fahrenheit. A more reasonable greenhouse gas that requires extremely low temperature to stay in gas form, is not carbon dioxide, but methane gas.

       The fact that planet Earth in its first time of its own history has been overwhelmed with too many successful organisms. Way too many humans and too many domesticated animals. Granted that they exhaust massive amounts of methane gas from the tiniest bacteria to the largest sized species. Using carbon dioxide as the excuse is less obvious for the fact that the planet Earth is being overwhelmed with too many successful organisms. Cutting down the ever growing population of humans and domestic animals would solve the problem from getting too out of control. So as long as I get my own personal family away from being categorized as the lower Weak-minded people, I will be able to accept the Malthusian ideological perspective. Methane gas is a better greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide.


      Whenever I initiated a conversation with the mundane person, they typically speak about empty topics. Most the time it is about what famous person said or done. They also talk about things that they exaggerated or is completely false. Rumors about a person is taken seriously without questioning the preacher.  When they are presented with a few counter arguments, they will attack the facts, or even ignore the sources of the rhetoric being preached by a manipulative individual. Typically, they can't handle responsibilities. They will buy more than they can afford, and will complain about what others are doing. If someone has a competent mindset, the mundane person will become envious and will degrade those who have responsibility. Everything that they fail at, they will never admit to. They will not have the ability to follow up with what moral values they claim that they follow. To them convenience and instant results are good. Though they shun opportunity or delayed gratification. Their emotions are misplaced and are used for self satisfaction over selfless service. Don't try to conduct long conversations with the mundane. They have no concept of philosophical and scientific pabulum. They have short term memory and hate everything that shows that they are not better than another person. They have to see themselves as being flawless and deigned.  Trying to avoid any further information from them is like watching TV or reading an advertisement/propaganda. They constantly stick with what someone else has preached and ignore anything that revealed the flaws in their idols. They speak about things that they have never experienced or done solid research on.


They have no sense of self.

Autopilot mindset.

Extremely aggressive tone.

Counterintuitive thoughts

Counterproductive use of obduracy.


My conclusion is that they are despicable and I hate myself for coming to this conclusion. They are irredeemable and no matter what facts, sources, or guidance; they will maintain the same mindset. They constantly repeat the same flaws, failures and habits. For even if they are aware of the fact that they are following a manipulative individual, or their own ideological views are not based on facts. It's like they will not adapt to the environment no matter what happens. Followers are going to be the death of a level one society. They have no empathy, no self awareness, no intuition, or productive use of passion. It's not going to be wise to maintain the population explosion. The subordinates are dragging down the IQ of society. They breed way too much, and lack self control. They eat yet complain. They lack a sense of moderation and moral values. I'm no longer in the belief that they are capable of changing their mindsets. Their way too robotic like and just sheeple. No longer will I sympathize with the mundane individual. I don't like this conclusion, but I tried to hold on to hope that I can believe that presenting pure legit evidence of what is legit and not hearsay, but data seems to not be able to be absorbed into the mundane person's mind. They seem to be able to only absorb over effusive rhetoric. Like how the bubonic plague took forever to get the mundane individual to start embracing educational subjects and hygienic routines. This is not the only case where they have to be placed into an extremely severe scenario in order for the mundane individual to start to accept that changing their habits is a necessity. They have to wait until the situation is at its worse in order to adapt to the environment. I am convinced that every living creature is stuck with whatever their DNA puts them in.