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Fight Through The Darkest Hours

Fight Through The Darkest Hours


Life is filled with a lot of overwhelming obstacles
that seems to knock a person down. The obstacles don't hold back from breaking their courage and decimating their accomplishments. What is worse is that it will rip out your self pride, stomp on your perspectives, pollute your thoughts and emotions. Leaving you alone with the process left behind. The devastating aftermath of failure after failure is overwhelming and draining emotionally. Though it is easier to just give up on your dreams and ambitions. You can just place mental blocks around your problems, walk backwards, then plant yourself far behind your problems. You can avoid any further thoughts on the issues. Allow for the pain of incompetence overflow inside of your self doubts. It is quite easier to just pretend that it is in the past and deny ever having any difficult times. You can just get angry at whoever reminds you of your own failures in life. After a few minutes of being reminded of your flaws, you can just place another mental block. So, you now will have forced your insecurities into the subconscious mind.

The problems will not be forgotten, no matter how much you wish it would. The mental blocks around it prevent it from falling deeper into the unconscious mindset because it restricts the thoughts of the problems bordering on the conscious mind and subconscious mind. It's not a habit nor is it reconciled. The painful memories are not going to disappear and leave you with resolutions. You will be haunted by your lack of courage to face the insecurities caused by your own self incompetence. You will never be freed from the emotional toll from your own weaknesses. Everyday you will have to go about it with avoiding places, people and things that would trigger the painful memories of your own failures. It will continue to eat at your soul. You will feel like you are being crushed by the weight of the past problems. Everyday, of every second you are having to deal with pushing the problems off of you but it won't budge. You cover it up with a mental tarp and wander around with a lot of self denials. Deep down inside of you, you fear the hidden fears of your own failures in life. Walking around with little acknowledgement of your own weaknesses. Thinking that it would be better if you pretend that it is not affecting your own present and future life. Though it would never leave you alone. The slightest reminder of your own insecurities will break your heart and soul into a billion little pieces. Your willpower will be non-existent and your pride would be misconstrued. By not working on the reason for your failures in life, you are just creating a false sense of pride and honor. Truthfully, you have no self pride or honorable prestige. You have not solved the difficult,and overwhelming emotional anxieties. Instead you have just been living with it but not acknowledging that it is still chained to your arms and legs. You will just drag it from one place to another. Though it doesn't have to be this way.

Acknowledge the problems in the way of your own life. Fight for the future of your own pride, stop with carrying around false pride. Gain the ground that you lost. Overcome the massive burdens holding you back from your full potential. Just having any potential doesn't matter if you are not able to discover and use it to its fullest extent. Denial of the insecurities will not free you or benefit your own life. Dig deep inside of you and find that guiding light. Grab a hold of the light and hold it tightly in your hands. It will still lead you into more overbearing struggles and emotional anxieties. You have to listen to the inner light and trust that you will overcome the massive struggles in your path. Push back against the grain. Fight through the obstacles that were created just to see if you truly want what lies ahead. If you acknowledge your problems and study how to overcome them? You will see that to beat the hurdles you have to expand your horizons. You can't find your way through the darkest hour if you are not prepared for the demons and monsters lurking around with the cover of the darkness. Though you are not going to be able to see it. You will be able to encounter them a long your journey through the darkness. Be prepared far beforehand of the unavoidable and unknown problems that hide in the cover of the dark. You will be attacked by friendly faces, and loved ones. They will attempt to sabotage your own perception of the path towards your goals.

Inside of you lies the Sun that will help light your own way through the darkest moments of your own life. You will see the monsters and the demons trying to guide you off the road to your own dreams. Be prepared for fighting the monsters and demons. Study them, gain the knowledge needed to overcome the impossible. Take charge of your own failures and weaknesses in order to turn your weaknesses into your greatest strength. Find the right path towards your goals. Push back anything and anyone who dares to knock you off the path. Don't deny the obstacles existence. You can see past the problems if you acknowledge that it is there in your way. Though it will be emotionally draining, you can overcome it to get past and back on to the correct path. It is inside of you that you will be able to see what is necessary to grow and develop from the failures or obstacles that will be in your way. Believe in your own self; embracing these words, troubles will come, and self improvement will follow, then the troubles will finally pass.