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I Will Never Support Donald Trump, I Will Never Support Republicans Nor Democrats!

I Will Never Support Donald Trump, I Will Never Support Republicans Nor Democrats! --   
 I don't like Donald Trump, for reasons of his past acceptance of the elite upper class (Democrats & Republicans) use of cheap labor and sweatshops that exploited China's, Mexico's and other countries whom lack corporeal benevolency and human rights. Slavery is alive and is still very much  used by the vast majority of wealthy Democrats, Republicans, Hollywood, Corporations, Musicians, Music Industry, Actors/Actresses, and practically almost every single upper class elitist. Plutocrats run the world not a few but the wealthy run the government officials. Cronyism is part of Corporatism. Corporations are structured like a sovereign nation-state. They have a hierarchical structure semblance of a nation-state. Indentured servitude is why manufacturing left the country and exploited the citizens of countries that lack Human rights. Mexico is split between nine multi billionaire drug cartels. The wall is a bandaid but not a cure for stopping ultra wealthy drug cartels. Slightly pointless to construct, but it is just a bandaid. It won't stop anything but the exploited desperate migrants who are too uneducated/callow.  The Democratic party exploits the sciolism of the young citizens, and the naive migrants. Both parties cheat during elections, and they both always enact similar regulations. They are not much different as they claim. Politics is for the evil of the ideological collectivists. Donald Trump is not President for the redemption of his past cronyism during his years as a Democrat. He is President for his daughter. Ivanka is not as popular (widely known) as her father. Donald Trump ran to win so Ivanka will become President in the future. He is going to be trying his hardest to fix/disrupt the upper class elitist plutocrats. Though he doesn't have any regrets about his use of exploitation of the nescient, and using the government officials for strong arming opposition/citizens. He is just as guilty towards the past use of exploitation of the atrocities. It doesn't matter who or what but that the elite left, right, upper class, famous/infamous are manipulative, and acceptable on abusing cheap labor. The reason why factories and productions are outside of USA, is due to the fact that China, Mexico and the Middle East, along with other countries, that lack Human rights. They are lenient with indentured servitude and human trafficking. Democratic party is still the biggest supporter of global Human trafficking. The vast majority of wealthy and Corporations vote/support Democratic party regulations. The Democratic party of the post civil war era infiltrated both political parties and institutions from educational, to businesses by the late sixties. Solidifying a stronger dedication towards a plutocratic government and elitist mentality of the upper classes. Tax loopholes for the wealthy and Corporations, yet disguises as taxation on the upper class (but is just smoke and mirrors). Claiming citizenship in territories outside of the United States, and overtaxing the lower classes, while not taking any responsibility nor compassion for the lower level classes. They shift the blame, cause chaotic mass violent behavior, and encourage the use of force to crush on any opposition. Government is the same no matter what era, or structures throughout history (past, present and future).
Just because someone has the intent or ideological perspective is for doing good, doesn't mean that it is a good thing. For the greater good is not going to make the ideological agendas justifiable when you are blinded by your self delusion of the ideological doctrine that you live and breathe. The outcome is always going to be oppression, history does repeat itself over, and over again. Plutocrats are not your friends. There is a difference between a Plutocrat and the typical wealthy/famous individuals, it is the use and agendas justified through the use of their own political viewpoints. The small amount of wealthy/famous individuals who resist the for the greater good mentality, tend to stand up against the ideologues. Though they are far and few in between. The only way to get a society of truly decorous people, is through interdependency between acceptance towards the unique thoughts, actions, and individual personalities. Don't fake kindness; be kind. Don't fake being responsible; be responsible. Don't fake knowledge; be knowledgeable. Don't fake being yourself; be yourself. Don't think that your facade is being hidden from others; the mask does not hide who you are, it just makes you look unreliable, sciolistic, supercilious, and unhumble. The means never justify the ends. Doing good is through acceptance of the things that offend you, and that you always offend others. Though everyone is a main character in their own lives; everyone is also the background character/minor supporting characters in everyone else's lives. If a tree fell in a forest with no one else to hear it, whether or not it is the only last living creature that falls; it is always going to make a sound. We are all going about our own lives in our own way, in our own ideological views, separate from everyone else. There is no greater good, their is no justifiable means of call to action. Live and let live.