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How To Create Story Plot Structures

How To Create Story Plot Structures

I am going to use my first manuscript to give a demonstration of how to properly structure a storyline. In doing these steps or at least following the many different formats for structuring a story.

Main Plot Structure: I mostly use the Hero’s Journey format. For an action adventure, it is the most widely used format. It is a very misused format, because it is just how all adventure stories are throughout history.

    Sub Plot Structure:  I use other formats like the Freytag's Pyramid for each subplot (chapters and parts). Each scene follows a step by step process. By maintaining an orderly process, I  maintain the flow of the scenarios and keep the plot moving forward by introducing problems for both the antagonist and protagonist. Both need to have their own point of view and sub story about what is happening on their end of the main story. Tension is necessary for character development and story progression.

Characters:  Characters are included in the outline as the story grows.
I start off with three known already flushed out protagonists/antagonists, and add new ones as the story progresses. Here is a list of the First Manuscript's Character Outline.     


Steps To Build The Story Outline

  1. Start by organizing the story scenes
  2. Write down the main antagonists
  3. Rebuild the scene
  4. Stretch the exposition throughout the story
  5. Introduce a foreshadow of an obstacle
  6. Create the first protagonist
  7. Give the protagonist a personality
  8. Create subplots that are consistent with the main plot, to push the main plot further out in the story
  9. Expand on greater obstacles. Each obstacle needs to outdo the past ones
  10. Don't worry about originality. Every story has already been told throughout history. The only thing that is unique is your version of the previous stories. Art is about the creators point of view and specific to their own voice.

First Draft Story Set up

Blood Lit Sky

Table of contents

The second volume
First-Draft Word count goal is
minimum 90,000  - 100,000 or greater