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Thoughts On Social Collectivism

Thoughts on Social Collectivism

By : Vincent Fitch

I have a difficult time watching and listening to the mundane individual being coerced by the elites. They are not aware of the deceitful rhetoric being spewed at them! It's like they are still toddlers and unable to discover that what they are being told or lead to believe isn't necessarily based on facts, or reality at all! That they are being treated like naive little kids that just do whatever the grown ups tell them to do! Seriously, I am sick and tired doing tangible research and finding concrete facts through all of the Polemic rhetoric being preached and spread throughout society and the world. People seem to be unable to find out that their own ideological views isn't based on reality or facts at all. That they are becoming more like what they are fighting against! They don't want to find out that their own ideological views aren't what is true or just! They can't handle self betterment or sense of humility. They just pretend to be something that they are not, nor do they believe their own ideological agendas! It is just the game of following behind the ruling class and claiming that their Collective is the correct one, while any opposition has to be silenced! The behavior is exactly what happens in all social animal species. It is through natural selection and their genetic heritage. The subordinates obey with no resistance, the beta followers preach, and enforce the rulers agendas, while the opposition becomes the outcast and lone wanderer just to discover self respect and self betterment.