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I Can Never Vote For Trump (Or any political party ever)

                               Plutocrats Run Government --
     Politicians are aggravating and Plutocrats are the real government officials. Left, right, up, down. It is all the same BS sold in different packages. Do you have any idea about historical societies? Seriously! There is no such thing as a benevolent government. All the wealthy want you to raise the taxes, and be disarmed. The rich, almost every wealthy person votes for the same ideological views as the left. Barely any vote, nor ever have voted (barely anyone) for the right. Seriously! Turn your TV on, watch CNN, MSNBC, Fox, Vox, etc. Almost every billionaire, millionaire, Corporate Executive, News reporter, actor,  actress, musician, teacher, professor, Joe and Jane blow, vote for the left party's ideological views. I am not a conservative or Liberal. I am against ideologues period. Republicans piss me off, Democrats piss me off.
       The  things that Plutocrats and Politicians won't tell you, and only ever makes a blip on the news..... Are you a ready? To be a corporation you have to be incorporated by the national State Department. Wealthy people can bribe a politician to add in exemptions for regulations and taxes. So the wealthy prefer to have higher taxation, to avoid paying high taxes. They can even withdraw their money, and sell their assets, then move out of the country, or build a private island. The wealthy people hate the middle and lower classes. Majority of the wealthy people in first world countries are either first generation wealthy. There are less second generation wealthy and third generation wealthy people. They are nearly nowhere to be found. Because they either lose it all, almost lose it all, or rejected the wealth from their inheritance, or killed themselves. The kids are broken mentally, and either become drug addicts (Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, the Olsen twins, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, etc.) Their parents were too busy, or overly spoiled their own kids. Majority of the parents usually become estranged from their children, or don't pass on the inheritance to all of their kids, or they may give it to one of them. The reason being, the money itself doesn't equal happiness. The kids usually end up in the middle class or lower class.
         Corporations and Plutocrats use undocumented immigrants and refugees as cheaper labor. The reason factories left the United States of America, is because of cheaper labor. They exploit the lack of human rights in China, South East Asia, Mexico, Central America, South America, etc. Politicians and the Corporations are corrupt. Wealthy people are able to exploit the laws loopholes, that the wealthy had bribed the politician to write in the bill. The wealthy people want to disarm the population, strip all rights of citizens, so they can have desperate citizens that are willing to work for cheaper labor. It's both parties, and majority of the wealthy people. They vote Democratic (Political Left). Not all do. Just the majority of them. Donald Trump is guilty about the same things that I listed here in, as much as the others. He, maybe is trying to destroy the Plutocracy, just to be able to die with a clear conscience, and for Ivanka Trump to easily become President of the United States of America, when she runs. I still won't vote for him. I would consider voting for Ivanka Trump, because Donald Trump had his three eldest children raised in a middle class lifestyle. To give them a normal childhood, while he worked non-stop. For the same reason I explained about the children of the wealthy being ignored by their workaholic parents (Trump's father was also controlling). So, don't blame Trump for his eccentric tendencies, he is more stable than the average second generation wealthy child. Oh, he even lost his childhood inheritance and had to rebuild it on his own. I still won't vote for him.

How To Create Story Plot Structures

How To Create Story Plot Structures

I am going to use my first manuscript to give a demonstration of how to properly structure a storyline. In doing these steps or at least following the many different formats for structuring a story.

Main Plot Structure: I mostly use the Hero’s Journey format. For an action adventure, it is the most widely used format. It is a very misused format, because it is just how all adventure stories are throughout history.

    Sub Plot Structure:  I use other formats like the Freytag's Pyramid for each subplot (chapters and parts). Each scene follows a step by step process. By maintaining an orderly process, I  maintain the flow of the scenarios and keep the plot moving forward by introducing problems for both the antagonist and protagonist. Both need to have their own point of view and sub story about what is happening on their end of the main story. Tension is necessary for character development and story progression.

Characters:  Characters are included in the outline as the story grows.
I start off with three known already flushed out protagonists/antagonists, and add new ones as the story progresses. Here is a list of the First Manuscript's Character Outline.     


Steps To Build The Story Outline

  1. Start by organizing the story scenes
  2. Write down the main antagonists
  3. Rebuild the scene
  4. Stretch the exposition throughout the story
  5. Introduce a foreshadow of an obstacle
  6. Create the first protagonist
  7. Give the protagonist a personality
  8. Create subplots that are consistent with the main plot, to push the main plot further out in the story
  9. Expand on greater obstacles. Each obstacle needs to outdo the past ones
  10. Don't worry about originality. Every story has already been told throughout history. The only thing that is unique is your version of the previous stories. Art is about the creators point of view and specific to their own voice.

First Draft Story Set up

Blood Lit Sky

Table of contents

The second volume
First-Draft Word count goal is
minimum 90,000  - 100,000 or greater

Government Is Not Benevolent - No Matter The Ruler

No Matter The Ruler

Nothing in reality is based on the beliefs that the collective socially accept as facts. Majority of the time they are basing their collective agreement on information, only on agreement, not factual tangible proofs. This results in sub cultural splits, anger, hostility towards opposition towards the disagreement with one another.

(Part 1) Natural Selection's Hierarchical Structures Opinionated / Thought Exercise

Natural Selection's Hierarchical Structures

Opinionated / Thought Exercise

Be Aware :

This is not to be taken seriously. This is opinion based only on the Author’s Point Of View. This Shall Not Be Interpreted As Being Pure Factual In Content. This Is The Right For The Author To Express Their Own Personal Perspectives And Share It Amongst Other People.

Introduction: The Hierarchy's Various Personas

This is my contemplations about how I have observed and pondered on what various reasons and things that can explain how the herd hierarchical mentality can give the illusion of one of the various categories to seem to be of another one, which is not what is true amongst the external Intelligent Abstracted Minded Social Species ( Only The Human Species) can have a pseudo-Alpha / Pseudo-Beta / Pseudo-Omega - etc…
It's caused by having an abstract force replace the origins of the herd's hierarchical mentality (Religious beliefs, Political beliefs, Cultural beliefs, etc… ).

#1: The Omega's Various Personas


     The bottom of the Hierarchical social class. They are the ones who are bullied, harassed, shunned by the other group members or they are the jokester, goofballs, entertainers, slackers, partiers, and the one who always wants to be playing than working. Which is why they are usually the most creative ones, though not necessarily the truth. There are multiple reasons for the personality traits to still be separated from the other sub personality traits of the Omega. Then there is the only pseudo hierarchical positions that only the Human species has. The pseudo hierarchical positions are granted to those who have exploited their own personality quirks and talents. The Omega of the group now can use its creative/artistic talent to become more accepted by the rest of the Human species. They can entertain while making wealth from the amusement. Typically they would be in the lowest lifestyle, but since the Human species is more abstract thinkers, they allow for more variety of different types of social norms. Humans break from the natural selection hierarchical mentality, but it doesn't mean that the Omega is able to cope with the mundane lifestyle of the higher ranking hierarchical mentalities. They though can adapt to the position a lot easier than the Subordinates and Betas. The next two levels are more restricted by nature than the other three. Though the Alpha is a mixed bag and is more complicated than the lower levels. The reason why will be explained later.

How I View A Wife and Husband As

My wife will not be just another person in my life…

...but will be my goddess

I will cherish her and my children. I will do everything I am capable of doing to never let them suffer the way I did.

If I get out of line. I would like my wife to put me in place but not if it is illogical or unreasonable. If I act like an​ idiot or lose my cool. I would like to be enlightened by my wife slapping me around or squeezing my balls. To get my mind thinking clearly and intuitively​.
(I have had a woman who did this in the right way. A love that I had to let go. Smart, perfect hourglass body, beautiful face, light brown skin, romantic, strong, sassy, well rounded, and kept me in line but with honesty than crass)

I will choose random days to be for surprise presents for my  wife.

But sometimes I will just stop for a random amount of months to keep them from being spoiled and they will always be ecstatic about the occasion.

Every four years I will renew my wedding vows on our original Anniversary day which will be on the Fourth of July and when we finish our vows the fireworks should be going off. Totally easy to afford and recreate..

I will let my wife designate an office for herself to escape to that will have locks and only she can enter and it's her private space to relax, escape, do whatever or vent her animosities, and I will have my own.


The secret to a happy successful relationship is to not be clinging and to distance each other a lot. Doing so promotes ecstasy and minimizes any anxiety or resentment towards each other. More freedom equals less stress and hostility against each other.

I Will Never Support Donald Trump, I Will Never Support Republicans Nor Democrats!

I Will Never Support Donald Trump, I Will Never Support Republicans Nor Democrats! --   
 I don't like Donald Trump, for reasons of his past acceptance of the elite upper class (Democrats & Republicans) use of cheap labor and sweatshops that exploited China's, Mexico's and other countries whom lack corporeal benevolency and human rights. Slavery is alive and is still very much  used by the vast majority of wealthy Democrats, Republicans, Hollywood, Corporations, Musicians, Music Industry, Actors/Actresses, and practically almost every single upper class elitist. Plutocrats run the world not a few but the wealthy run the government officials. Cronyism is part of Corporatism. Corporations are structured like a sovereign nation-state. They have a hierarchical structure semblance of a nation-state. Indentured servitude is why manufacturing left the country and exploited the citizens of countries that lack Human rights. Mexico is split between nine multi billionaire drug cartels. The wall is a bandaid but not a cure for stopping ultra wealthy drug cartels. Slightly pointless to construct, but it is just a bandaid. It won't stop anything but the exploited desperate migrants who are too uneducated/callow.  The Democratic party exploits the sciolism of the young citizens, and the naive migrants. Both parties cheat during elections, and they both always enact similar regulations. They are not much different as they claim. Politics is for the evil of the ideological collectivists. Donald Trump is not President for the redemption of his past cronyism during his years as a Democrat. He is President for his daughter. Ivanka is not as popular (widely known) as her father. Donald Trump ran to win so Ivanka will become President in the future. He is going to be trying his hardest to fix/disrupt the upper class elitist plutocrats. Though he doesn't have any regrets about his use of exploitation of the nescient, and using the government officials for strong arming opposition/citizens. He is just as guilty towards the past use of exploitation of the atrocities. It doesn't matter who or what but that the elite left, right, upper class, famous/infamous are manipulative, and acceptable on abusing cheap labor. The reason why factories and productions are outside of USA, is due to the fact that China, Mexico and the Middle East, along with other countries, that lack Human rights. They are lenient with indentured servitude and human trafficking. Democratic party is still the biggest supporter of global Human trafficking. The vast majority of wealthy and Corporations vote/support Democratic party regulations. The Democratic party of the post civil war era infiltrated both political parties and institutions from educational, to businesses by the late sixties. Solidifying a stronger dedication towards a plutocratic government and elitist mentality of the upper classes. Tax loopholes for the wealthy and Corporations, yet disguises as taxation on the upper class (but is just smoke and mirrors). Claiming citizenship in territories outside of the United States, and overtaxing the lower classes, while not taking any responsibility nor compassion for the lower level classes. They shift the blame, cause chaotic mass violent behavior, and encourage the use of force to crush on any opposition. Government is the same no matter what era, or structures throughout history (past, present and future).
Just because someone has the intent or ideological perspective is for doing good, doesn't mean that it is a good thing. For the greater good is not going to make the ideological agendas justifiable when you are blinded by your self delusion of the ideological doctrine that you live and breathe. The outcome is always going to be oppression, history does repeat itself over, and over again. Plutocrats are not your friends. There is a difference between a Plutocrat and the typical wealthy/famous individuals, it is the use and agendas justified through the use of their own political viewpoints. The small amount of wealthy/famous individuals who resist the for the greater good mentality, tend to stand up against the ideologues. Though they are far and few in between. The only way to get a society of truly decorous people, is through interdependency between acceptance towards the unique thoughts, actions, and individual personalities. Don't fake kindness; be kind. Don't fake being responsible; be responsible. Don't fake knowledge; be knowledgeable. Don't fake being yourself; be yourself. Don't think that your facade is being hidden from others; the mask does not hide who you are, it just makes you look unreliable, sciolistic, supercilious, and unhumble. The means never justify the ends. Doing good is through acceptance of the things that offend you, and that you always offend others. Though everyone is a main character in their own lives; everyone is also the background character/minor supporting characters in everyone else's lives. If a tree fell in a forest with no one else to hear it, whether or not it is the only last living creature that falls; it is always going to make a sound. We are all going about our own lives in our own way, in our own ideological views, separate from everyone else. There is no greater good, their is no justifiable means of call to action. Live and let live.

Benefit From Your Failures And Flaws

Benefit From Your Failures And Flaws



             Life is a treacherous journey. Every single step, every single day, is filled with burdens holding one back from their personal passions. Life is beautiful. One needs to be resilient and flexible. The unconscious mindset can cause a distortion of one's thoughts and perspectives. Denial of an individual’s position in life and of their own flaws, is not going to make you achieve the expected results. Pushing against the wall and quitting before the solution flows into your mind. Aim for what you love and are superb in accomplishing. Life is not worth distorting or avoiding the difficult problems in one's goals. Look forward to seeing the failures in one's personal life. Find the flaws in your own path towards the end of the yellow brick road. Life is a quest for discovering the world inside of you and outside of one's perspectives. In you is the key to your dreams. The human brain is the most powerful thing created by natural selection. Thinking in an abstract point of view towards resolving the painful and difficult situations. Don't doubt your own life. Don't get trapped with changing the things that an individual has no control over. Embrace the things that one can change in life. The adventure of reality is a lot easier when the expediter is wandering around the inimical environment. Don't worry about the things you can't change, focus on the things that you can change. Adapt to the persona in which you are most comfortable with. Don't be a poser, or a pathological liar. Stories are good and all, but it shouldn't be a tool for supercilium. Live with the three versions of yourself. The projection of the past you, the corporeal present you, and the dream chaser future you.


Main Point

            The typical person doesn't think about what lies beyond the array of agonizing obstacles. They don't know how to accept that nothing is going to be resolved with simplicity. It will take more willpower to not let the flaws destroy the path forward to seeing the goals that are far ahead of you. The path is bumpy and one has to be able to accept that you have weaknesses and you have strengths. Discover that of the many things from your own persona, nothing is going to truly crush your dreams but yourself. Doubts, ignorance and lack of passion for the desired ambitions, will be the only reason for why one’s failures and weaknesses never present the strength of what could have been. Just because a current weakness is emphasized, doesn't mean that the next time it will be blatant. Look deep into your subconscious mind. Look and question about what insecurities you have deep within. It is through acceptance of the failures or flaws that bring forth the answers to overcoming the difficult problems in one's life. Dreams are meant to be tough. The road us meant to break you. You have to pick up the pieces and look straight passed the hurdles.



Just because of the broken pieces are not being fixed. You will have to carry on with the failures in life. Don't fret over the problems in life. You will see the flaws clearly and will be able to make a more reasonable solution to those broken pieces. It is okay to be flawed and full of weaknesses. Those same failures and weaknesses are who you are but they can be your strength too. You just need to get to know yourself. So what if you have imperfections, so what if you failed, you are still able to breathe and live on. So, don't let it grow into a massive burden. Embrace the flaws and doubts in your own life. Don't hold back from striving to be more than who you were yesterday. Push  fight, and accept the things that make you who you are. Unique experiences is better than semblances. It is not worth distorting your own failures and weaknesses. You will just leave behind who you are and what you strive to be. Insecurities are you. Mistakes are part of life. You will see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So, don't let your own failures and flaws become your own worst enemy.