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When Anti-fascism Becomes Fascism 

When does a society draw a line about when anti-fascism becomes fascism?

  “Is it when they oppose another's philosophy and so must discriminate, bully, harass, subjugate, and demonize the opposition?”

When does society draw a line about when anti fascism becomes fascism? Is it when they oppose another's philosophy and so must discriminate, bully, harass, subjugate, and demonize the opposition? When does society draw the line towards socialism? Is it when the taxes reach 99.9% of their income? When the government owns every property? When government demands people to do whatever they say at gunpoint? When is it right to tell others what they must follow or believe? Why must society regress to a state of barbaric ways of thinking?

         How can a society cope with several different political and social viewpoints being unheard or shunned? Why are the majority of people unaware of other people's moral, just, economic, and political philosophies? Is there a breaking point where society comes back together or falls completely into chaos and violent anarchy? Can a government function on the opinions of the people and didn't disregard the ever evolving societal, moral, economic, justice, and political philosophies of each individual factions, without intruding upon the other factions? What would a government that stood 99.99% for the citizens look like?

Society is built upon everybody working towards a safer, moral, free, and equal individual rights environment. When the people of a society all develop differing ideologies, factions start to form within. These subcultures can be peaceful or aggressive. Every country throughout history has started with several differing factions. Each village, band, or nomads, had their own ideologies. These groups were hunter/gatherers. These tribes didn't care about what clothes they wore, their hair, material goods, luxury gadgets and what the latest news about some famous narcissistic celebrity was doing. They did have it far worse than a homeless man in a 1st world (Capitalist) society. From starving for months, to being killed or eaten by another carnivorous animal.      

     During this era, it was more likely for one to catch a disease, become another animal's meal, be raped, or murdered by an invading village across the river. The longest one might live during these times was around 30 years old. Only if they were lucky enough to survive that long in the wilderness, or in their own society. Within some of these societies, you would have hierarchies, usually a leader and followers, with some rebellious, free thinking, anarchist, and lone wolf individuals. The first leaders of the colonies, that were their ancestors, were nomads.Some nomads had no leaders and everyone worked to benefit the group with no need for a ruler, or an individual holding some form of authority over the rest of the faction; though, the ones that did have someone that gave directions and guided everyone towards their goal, or desires, were originally the head of the hunters. They were the leaders that lead their fellow hunters towards the game.

The Link Between The Unconscious Mindset & Natural Selection

The Link Between

The Unconscious Mindset

& Natural Selection

Thought exercise / Thought experiment By Vincent Fitch


Majority of people live in their unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is their autopilot or more specifically the habits of their reflexes.

Meaning that they automatically react without awareness of the habits. Under these stages/categories of the unconscious habit reflexes of the mind :

Majority of society are wired to be followers and nature won't allow them to be able to see outside of the follower habits.

Which is why majority of the leaders/rulers can easily convince people to follow them even if it is oppression or mass genocide.

They are not aware of anything outside of their own ideological views and can't escape from following the rules or ideological cultural habits/norms.

Which they will always hate without believing any evidence of why or if anything is justifiable. They will hate everything about others even if it is something that is shared on value, beliefs, pride, cultural, political, philosophical, etc. They will never see the flaws in their reasoning. Followers are programmed by nature to only follow.

If you think/behave outside of the ideological culture? Be prepared to be burned at the stake for being abnormal. Because of the followers of the ideological culture can't see past the collective mindset. They have no logical reasoning of evidence before persecution. They will throw stones first then ask questions after the murder. Few seconds later they forget about the whole thing and move on with the next target of persecution before evidence.

Nature has prewired 90% of individuals to be followers. They won't necessarily follow the same thing. Also, every new generation of organisms rebel naturally from the parents of. Though it will be a gradual shift but not a quick flip.


Breaking the unconscious mind of its own habitual reflexes isn't easy and requires an understanding of the unconscious mindset. In nature the mind will change its unconscious habits in response to a necessity of survival mode.

In this mode the unconscious mindset will relay the message that it has no other choice but to break the mindset and create a new unconscious mindset of the old one.

This means that even if you break one habit? Another one will take its place. The cycle is unavoidable and only those who live in the state of constant survival mode will adapt and learn.  

The key to controlling the unconscious mindset is to be aware of the subconscious mind and the conscious mind. For though no one is able to see the unconscious mindset, period. But you can move a habit from the unconscious mind into the subconscious or conscious mind.

Leading into….

How natural selection chooses who survives on their own and those who are destined to be controlled by the leaders. There are five types of the true unconscious mindset stages/categories.

First is the second to the lowest level, of which are called the subordinates of the group. These individuals obey all the laws of the leadership no matter what. These are the true followers and they can't escape from this mindset. They can't break free from this ideological view. Always in the belief that one must follow unquestionably. They can't change or adapt to anything contrary to what is culturally accepted.

The second is the self aware follower, by choice. The true Beta. These are the ones that are aware of the influence on the lower classes. They are the propaganda spreaders for the leadership. They will suck up, brown nose, and manipulate in order to make the leadership impressed with their undying love and loyalty. Their unconscious mindset is preprogrammed to always be the loyal bodyguard of the leadership. They bear no real loyalties and if it's convenient for them? They will betray and follow another leader or idol.

The third is the Omega which is the odd one of the group, class clown, artistic, unique thinking, abnormal behavior, shunned by the rest of the group, always eats last, ridiculed by the group, bullied and outcasted by the group.

This is the lowest one but the one that if survives? It will become the next two levels which it will reach as long as it doesn't kill itself, be killed, or die of old age before getting to the final stages.

This is the fourth stage/category. The lone wolf typically comes from the Omega of the group. The lack of their follower mindset gets them booted or killed by the rest of the group.

Once an Omega chooses to leave their group! They will be left alone to survive outside of the reliance of others. This is their double-edged sword. If they fail? They are dead. If they succeed? Then they become wiser, stronger, smarter, superior to the old version of themselves. This new experienced survivalist can if it desires to become the next step.  

The lone wolf might not desire to be a leader but wishes to continue enjoying his self awareness in his abilities to survive and get what he desired with no fears, or threats. He is the one that just has multiple unattached relationships and doesn't want overwhelming responsibilities. They love being able to do what one wants to do and go where he wants to do without having people following them, or bossing them. This isn't selfishness but taking the route that they find to be their survival mode.

Though some end up being forced unknowingly into leadership roles. These lone wolf types actually live far longer and healthier lives than any other stages/categories. Their survival techniques are unmatched and of their own creation.

The fifth is the Alpha/leadership of the group. This is a mixed bag in the ideological views of the leadership mentality. They typically started off with nothing or hardship inside of the group. They had to escape from the rest and hunt to survive by themselves. They are the ones that will steal away the female leadership or princesses of the Alpha leadership.

Surviving through the obstacles in their lives made them smarter and stronger. This attracts the females of the group. Which outsiders are not typically treated with respect or admiration. They risk being killed off by the other group members. They are not part of the group and are now trying to disrupt the hierarchy by either fighting for the females or stealing a few lovers and beta followers from the leadership.

Alpha’s daughters and beta males are in the same category. For they truly have no set loyalties. They are the brown nosers, the suck ups, the pathological liars, the true manipulators. They can't survive on their own and find that to survive they must follow the one who they believe will reward them the best. So they will ditch one leadership to another because of their own ideological agendas. Their loyalty is fake and their goals are empty.

The final conclusion is that natural selection is unavoidable and people or creatures are victims of their unconscious mind. They can't escape from what natural selection placed them in.

Though only three types have the ability to force their unconscious mind to adapt and overcome their own stages/category. Only can be triggered by adaptation to dramatic change of the environment.

In order for one to free themselves from their selected nature? They have to be oppressed, on the verge of being killed, hurt, lost, cornered. They have to be suffering and their natural instinct of change or die rewires the animal into survival mode. In survival mode the unconscious mind takes full control over and changes its habits into something else that would keep the ones suffering into survivors. Though it comes with the price of extremely difficult and life threatening scenarios to trigger the change.

Otherwise they will be homeless, bums, criminals, or vigilantes. They are left with no other choice but to stay in survival mode and are permanently ruled by the unconscious mindset and lack a conscious mind.

They can't control their actions and are broken completely. Nature typically kills them off but in a society of abundance or of protection of the completely broken individuals! They will flourish and grow in numbers.

They can be saved in the true society of abundance and freedom of expression. True Democracy where no government or leadership rule.

The lone wolfs become more inclined to stay independent in a society of abundance and freedom to be themselves. They have no intention to rule if they can get what they want to survive.

“Evolutionary biology rules

everyone and everything.

You can't escape nature.”


   I understand that no one is going to be able to see their unconscious mindset. But I discovered that writing down one's thoughts no matter what it is! Shows what lies deep into the unconscious mindset of oneself.

    By writing emotions and information about yourself, you can keep reading over and over again. Giving the clarity to see who you are and what you want to do with your life. Writing is a freedom of expression and a gateway into one's soul.

Thoughts On Social Collectivism

Thoughts on Social Collectivism

By : Vincent Fitch

I have a difficult time watching and listening to the mundane individual being coerced by the elites. They are not aware of the deceitful rhetoric being spewed at them! It's like they are still toddlers and unable to discover that what they are being told or lead to believe isn't necessarily based on facts, or reality at all! That they are being treated like naive little kids that just do whatever the grown ups tell them to do! Seriously, I am sick and tired doing tangible research and finding concrete facts through all of the Polemic rhetoric being preached and spread throughout society and the world. People seem to be unable to find out that their own ideological views isn't based on reality or facts at all. That they are becoming more like what they are fighting against! They don't want to find out that their own ideological views aren't what is true or just! They can't handle self betterment or sense of humility. They just pretend to be something that they are not, nor do they believe their own ideological agendas! It is just the game of following behind the ruling class and claiming that their Collective is the correct one, while any opposition has to be silenced! The behavior is exactly what happens in all social animal species. It is through natural selection and their genetic heritage. The subordinates obey with no resistance, the beta followers preach, and enforce the rulers agendas, while the opposition becomes the outcast and lone wanderer just to discover self respect and self betterment.

Collective Oppression

Collectivism is the route of all of the evil actions in the world. The mindset of “If the collective say it's good! Then it must be good!” Pretty much just the most inefficient way to solve tangible problems. Society is not prosperous if it is all about what one tribal group says to be like! Cooperation is extremely important and good. But cooperation needs to be through Interdependency amongst individuals and not through codependency through collective agendas. What is good for the collective isn't necessarily good for the individual! So it is oppressive to force social norms on those who will be oppressed from the mob mentality. It is easier to get what you want through mutual understanding and not through coercion or ultimatums! If you have to walk over other people who don't share your point of view? Then you are not a good person, because you have a heart that is selfish and oppressive. Just because the group that is considered different than your group! Doesn't mean that you are doing the benevolent thing! Just because famous people, journalists, or politicians claim that something is going on, or going to happen! Does not mean that it is reality! If someone feeds you information? Then ask yourself, “Who are these people? Why is it true? What hard evidence points to? Is it possible that the information is not? Is there anything else that is missing? Is there a motive for the accusations? Is it possible that the accused is not what is being said? What about history? Are there any tangible sources?”. This  is what needs to be done every single day of everybody's life. People need to not follow the instructions of an elite whom has more motivation for deceiving others for their own ideological agendas. Ideology is evil. All collective mentalities are incorrect and oppressive. It is the individual who is responsible for their own actions and words. It doesn't fall upon society to pick and choose what is factual, equality, benevolent, or prudent! It is completely self centered to think that the collective knows better than the individual.